National Security and Defense

National security is an incessant challenge that requires commitment and tireless effort. Nations face multiple threats from foreign and domestic entities continuously. It is imperative to be prepared to detect, prevent, and combat all threats that can inflict harm on a homeland and its citizens. Protecting and defending a nation and its citizens from threat, danger, and harm is the primary objective of Global Xcellence security services.

Our security professionals are vigilant in the campaign to strengthen national security and defense promoting security, safety, and freedom from fear. In conjunction with supporting the federal government and international governments, Global Xcellence assists organizations with developing security programs tailored exclusively to protect their most valuable assets. We provide support in various security programs through consultation, program development and program management.

Insider Threat Program

In 2011 Executive Order (EO) 13587, Structural Reforms To Improve the Security of Classified Networks and the Responsible Sharing and Safeguarding of Classified Information, was mandated for federal agencies as a response to exceptionally grave national security information leaks. The original guidance directed agencies to implement Insider Threat Programs to enhance the protection of classified national security information.

Since the release of EO 13587, the requirements have increased. Along with federal agencies, any organization that conducts business with the federal government and is responsible for classified national security information must meet the requirements of EO 13587.

Global Xcellence has certified professionals dedicated to developing a robust, effective, and efficient program tailored specifically to meet the distinct needs of organizations, as well as, meeting the federal requirements outlined in Executive Order 13587, National Insider Threat Policy and minimum standards.

Our goal is to assist organizations with strengthening the protection and safeguarding of their most valuable assets, resources, and people through the implementation of methodologies aimed at deterrence, detection, and mitigation of insider threats who wittingly or unwittingly use their access to cause harm.

Personnel Security

The unauthorized disclosure of information classified in the national interest can cause irreparable damage to the national security and loss of human life. Access to classified information is limited to persons whose official duties require knowledge or possession of the information. The Personnel Security Program is instrumental in managing access to classified national security information in accordance with Executive Order 12968, federal laws and policies.

Organizations are responsible for the direction, overall management, functioning, and administration of the personnel security program. Organizations must also ensure potential candidates are suitable to be hired and selected for sensitive positions. Global Xcellence security professionals assist with policy interpretation, program implementation, maintenance, and local oversight to ensure personnel adhere to program requirements.

Information Security

Information is the core of an organization’s viability. All data, whether it be proprietary, classified, sensitive, or personally identifiable information is the most valuable asset an organization possesses. Unauthorized access, disclosure, compromise, or loss of information is detrimental to an organization’s operations, business, and reputation. Responsible organizations are proactive in having a system of control measures in place to reduce risks and mitigate the adverse effects of unauthorized access, disclosure, compromise, or loss of information.

The Information Security Program is a uniform system designed to protect an organization’s classified, proprietary, critical, or sensitive information. Global Xcellence security professionals provide clients with expertise consultation in designing an information security program specifically tailored to protect an organization’s most critical and high value information.

Physical Security

Global Xcellence security professionals develop physical security programs that employs physical protective and security procedural measures in combination with active or passive systems, technologies, devices, and security personnel used to protect assets from possible threats. The engineering of an effective program requires a methodical approach through the integration of people, procedures, and equipment for the protection of assets or facilities against theft, sabotage, or other malevolent human attacks.

Our professionals ensure the program accomplishes its objectives by either deterrence or a combination of detection, delay, and response. This effort consists of understanding the threat, reviewing the vulnerabilities, and identifying priorities. In turn, risks can be managed as to their criticality to the organization’s mission and physical security program requirements.

Industrial Security

The purpose of the program is to safeguard classified information that may be released or has been released to current, prospective, or former contractors, licensees, or grantees of United States agencies. Organizations are required to be in compliance with Executive Order 12829, National Industrial Security Program, if responsible for national classified information.

Contractors are required to appoint a U.S. citizen employee, who is cleared as part of the facility clearance (FCL) to be the Facility Security Officer (FSO). The FSO will supervise and direct security measures necessary for implementing applicable requirements of the NISPOM and related Federal requirements for classified information. The FSO, or those otherwise performing security duties, shall complete security training and prepare written procedures for the effective implementation of the NISPOM to reasonably exclude the possibility of loss or compromise of classified information.

Global Xcellence security professionals provide consultation and assistance with developing a National Security Industrial Security Program custom designed to encompass NISPOM requirements with organizational policies and operations. This service is extremely beneficial to small businesses that do not have the resources to hire a full-time FSO. We will work closely with small business owners to develop a program that meets federal requirements while capitalizing on existing resources, capabilities and effective methodologies.

Security Education and Training

There is a ubiquitous principle that transcends all organizations; security is everyone’s responsibility! Personnel must be incorporated into the development and implementation of all security programs. The effectiveness of security programs is based on comprehensive and applicable policies and well-trained personnel. The overall security of any organization is only as strong as the awareness of its people. It is imperative personnel are educated on security policies and their specific responsibilities as members of the organization. Properly trained personnel become vigilant supporters of security programs. They can act as early detectors and intermediates to counter and report infractions or incidents.

Global Xcellence security professionals specialize in creating security education and awareness training customized for our clients that incorporates organizational culture, mission, standards, security policies, procedures, personnel responsibilities, and applicable laws and regulations, at a minimum. Additionally, Global Xcellence security professionals conduct an array of security education and training briefings.

Business Asset Protection

The task of securing an organization is not an easy undertaking. The process requires commitment and flexibility because security is indeed a continuous cycle. An effective security program incorporates a multitude of components coordinated in phases. Planning, management, and evaluation are distinct functions, but each are important and involves the use of data and analysis.

Global Xcellence security professionals provide expert consultation throughout the planning, management, and evaluation process to develop a methodical business asset protection program for our clients. Key services incorporated into the business asset program develop and management service are security surveys and the risk management process.

Security Surveys

A security survey is a critical onsite examination and analysis of an organization to ascertain the present security status, identify deficiencies or excesses, determine the protection needed, and make recommendations to improve the overall security.

  • Assess security needs and capabilities
  • Develop a security design or configuration
  • Implement required controls or safeguards
  • Test and verify
  • Manage changes to an established baseline

Risk Management Process

Risk management is the process whereby risks are assessed systematically and continuously for the identification of appropriate security measures and mitigation methods.

  • Systematic and repeatable
  • Tailored to the purpose and scope
  • Based on a clear understanding of the organization’s key assets
  • Realistic assessment of credible threats
  • Accounts for common vulnerabilities at similar organizations

Specialized Security Projects

Global Xcellence knows security is an expansive domain comprised of various disciplines. We also understand organizations encounter security challenges unique to their businesses and mission requirements. Therefore, Global Xcellence relentlessly strives to achieve its mission by providing essential support to clients that have distinctive and complex security problems.

Our security professionals are committed to discovering and implementing tangible solutions through research, security studies, and analytics.